Sunday, March 15, 2009

Farewell to my travel companions

It had to happen eventually and yes, it was a very emotional for everyone. Hopefully Facebook will keep us in contact over the months/years ahead.

Caroline, Rosie, Carly and Kaitlyn... good luck in Ecuador... and your future journeys!

Sunset at Paracus

One of our overnight stops on the way to Lima was in the resort town of Paracus. Here was the sunset over the bay. A nice finish to our travels over the highlands of Peru.

Cuzco (in a nutshell)

We had very little time for touring Cuzco but managed to take in a couple cathedral tours. These buildings were almost impossible to describe. The amount of detail inside is mind-boggling!

Manchu Picchu (afternoon)

Llama's are used natural lawnmowers to keep the the grass down low. They were brought in as animals for a set in a movie a few years ago and were not taken back... so were a welcome addition to the grounds crew.

Manchu Picchu (afternoon)

Here's a breathtaking view of the valley going back towards the village of Aquas Caliente from the Sungate.

Manchu Picchu (afternoon)

Carly, Rosie and I opted for another hike... this one back up to the Sungate where the real Inca Trail enters the valley of Manchu Picchu. This is the route the Inca's would have used that comes from Cuzco. This is a very nice view of Manchu Picchu and also is used as one of the equinox points to reveal the winter solstice! Carly almost pushed me off the cliff (so it would appear).

Manchu Picchu (afternoon)

Here's the typical pic you would see in an advert on Manchu Picchu... although I thought I'd try it as B&W as well.